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We are on a mission to help early stage startups to achieve sustainable growth.

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We Are India Goes Global
Here to kick-start your venture

We are on a mission to help early stage startups to achieve sustainable growth.

We are Crazy
Passionate for Growth

On a journey to help startups to shape their plan of action.

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Work With transparency

Our team consists of industry veterans who hold expertise in building a company from ground up.

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Helping your ambitions thrive by closely monitoring your business and providing useful observations.

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Gurugram Based

We are situated near the largest IT hub in the city which gives us a close insight of the market.

Our Crazy Team

Interdisciplinary team with passion of growth. Making growth simple from day one.


We are Crazy
Hungry for Growth

  • We are on a mission to help seed funded startups to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Growth is not option. We want you to help you grow further 10x!
  • We have grown companies from whiteboard to 100 M USD in revenue.
  • Happy Entrepreneurs


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    A highly skilled professional team with passion for Impact.

    Data Analysis

    We go deep dive into your data to find your data patterns and indicator of growth metrics

    Super Fan

    We’ll dig deep into your data, your users, and then decide what to build. The aim here is to find processes you can tweak (or introduce) to better understand your users, and ship better product, faster. And, ultimately, end up finding your top super users.

    Right product

    We help you build the product people want.


    We help you to optimize your conversion, Retention and Pricing.


    We believe Growth is simple and we, people make it complicated. We help you to simplify your growth strategy in a single page so that you could avoid noise and focus on building the sustainable business.

    100% Satisfaction

    We follow the rule of don’t accept work that you don’t think you can nail. The output of your audit and action plan will always be enough for your team to deliver sustainable growth.


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    Success Stories

    Amit is a great guy to consult when it comes to scaling the startup. I have been to multiple sessions of him and always gained something new out of them. I want to thank you for the recent session of Growth Clinic. It was real eye opener for us. We, me and Amol, really respect your advice and are enthusiastic to implement the Zero-Budget Marketing ideas shared by you. I am sure, we will get back to you and Misbah with some great results and actionable insights. Hoping to take this relationship to the next level.

    Sanchit Sethi

    Chief Executive


    Misbah has been helping us with our organic growth and brings great ideas to the table on how to improve our application from a product perspective. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm and is dedicated and hard working.

    Samir Roy

    CTO, Toymail, YC W’16

    Mr. Amit was on our Board of Advisors and his contribution as Whacked Out's Strategic Advisor has been incredible. With us, he took what was already an established YouTube network and helped us accelerate our growth curve phenomenally. He's a guru in the digital video ecosystem and he's definitely given us a much broader outlook towards our business.


    Managing Director

    Whacked Out Media Pvt Ltd.

    Misbah, in startup parlance, is a true hustler and when he gets behind something, he really makes sure he does everything necessary to optimize for success - including outreach, customer development, growth, and product design. He is always available to bounce ideas off of and exchange constructive feedback, and his burning obsession with helping people, with or without tech products, always shines through and makes him personally relatable.

    Gaurav Ragtah

    Founder, Profillic

    91Springboard is a co-working hub where we support start-ups and help them grow. As part of this, we have been organizing mentor hours: where mentors come and help start-ups that come to talk to them. That’s the context in which I got to know Amit first. He came in as one of the mentors and since then he has been very regular. He’s great especially around sales, growth hacking etc. Start-ups have been reaching out to him very regularly, and he has been very helpful. I’m sure whatever Amit does, he’ll be very successful and we have all the support for him.

    Pranay Gupta

    Co-Founder 91springboard

    Incubation, Startup Enthusiast, Acceleration

    I worked with Misbah at Meed. He worked with us closely in growing the recruiting platform for students. I was impressed with his ability to seize new opportunities under frozen budgets. Aside from working on the product, he was leading many other awareness and acquisition projects. Misbah has shown that he can synthesize information from multiple sources and translate insights into product and marketing collateral. He could be a good asset to any company as a growth marketer

    Ravi Vadrevu

    Founder, Kriya.AI, SFO

    Amit's understanding of Start-ups and how to scale them is excellent. Attended one of his India goes Global Roundtable Discussion and realized that his tips and advice to start-ups can really help them scale up. A great growth hacker. He understands the problem to the core and comes out with a great solution in a split second. He is a true genius !!!

    Aashish Chopra

    Award winning viral video marketer

    Misbah is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Deadline oriented and great growth hacker. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for his both personal & professional development. A great teammate to work with.

    Supriyo Roy

    Founding team, Spangle Inc, SFO